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The Buffalo News' Jeff Miers penned a nice review of The Tragically Hip's new album: We Are the Same. Obviously Buffalo is one of the American hotbeds for The Hip who regularly sell out arena sized shows like they do here in Canada.

I have a similar view to Jeff in that this is a band I have watched evolve album to album over the years and while it may not have always been better, it was always an effort not to rest on their laurels or to recreate a recipe that worked for them in the past. Just as a hockey player gets better with time so has The Hip and now in Bob Rock they have what's akin to Scotty Bowman guiding them towards the promised land.

Here's a bit from the review...

If “World Container” at the very least reached the high watermark left by the group’s previous best – say “Road Apples,” “Fully Completely” and “Trouble At the Hen House,” or pick your own favorites, if you must –it also suggested that there was much good work left to be done. An optimist might have felt the twinge of new beginnings, even if the more rational mind insisted that the Hip had nothing to prove, and could simply rewrite “New Orleans Is Sinking” once or twice per album for the rest of its days without offending anyone.

“We Are the Same” blows all of this conjecture out of the water. It’s more than a brave record from a band that could easily coast from today ‘til retirement –it’s a necessary record, one that goes above and beyond.

To read the full article go here.
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