Gord Downie Fall Tour & Ticket Info

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September 22
City: Vancouver, BC
Venue: The Vogue
On-Sale: June 25th @ 10AM PST Ticket Information: Tickets available at www.ticketmaster.ca, www.livenation.com, charge by phone 604-280-4444 and at all ticketmaster locations.

September 24
Rifflandia Music Festival
Market Square
Victoria, BC
Tickets On-Sale: June 18
Tickets Available: www.ticketweb.ca , Lyle's Place, Ditch Records and Rifflandia HQ (August)

September 25
City: Mission, BC
Venue: Clarke Theatre
On-Sale: June 25th @ 10AM PST
Ticket Information: Tickets available at http://www.ticketmaster.ca/, charge by phone

September 30
City: Medicine Hat, AB
Venue: Esplanade Arts
On-Sale: June 25th @ 10AM MST
Ticket Information: Tickets available at www.tixx.ca and at the Esplanade Box Office and Medicine Hat Mall

October 2
City: Red Deer, AB
Venue: Red Deer Memorial Centre
On-Sale: NOW
Ticket Information: Tickets available online HERE, or charge by phone at 403-755-6626 or 1-800-661-8793, or in person at the Black Knight Ticket Centre.

October 4
City: Calgary, AB
Venue: Jack Singer Concert Hall
On-Sale: June 25th @ 10AM MST
Ticket Information: Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.ca, www.livenation.com, Charge by phone 403-777-0000, or at ticketmaster locations.

October 5
City: Saskatoon, SK
Venue: Odeon Events Centre
On-Sale: June 25th @ 10AM CST
Ticket Information: http://www.ticketmaster.ca, charge by phone 306-938-7800, and at ticketmaster locations

October 15
City: Halifax, NS
Venue: Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
On-Sale: Friday July 9 @ 10:00AM
Ticket Information: HERE, at the Dal Arts Centre Box Office, by phone at 458-8344 (1-888-884-5800) and online at www.sonicconcerts.com

October 16
City: Moncton, NB
Venue: The Centre at Casino New Brunswick
On-Sale: Friday July 9
Ticket Information: Tickets are available at www.ticketbreak.com and at the venue box office.

October 18
City: Fredricton, NB
Venue: Playhouse Theatre
On-Sale: Friday July 9 @ 10:00AM
Ticket Information: Tickets available: Online at https://tickets.theplayhouse.ca/online/ , at the playhouse theatre box office, by phone 494-3820 (1-800-874-1000) and online at www.sonicconcerts.com.

October 19
City: Glace Bay, NS
Venue: Savoy Theatre
On-Sale: Friday July 23 @ 9am.
Ticket Information: Ticket Information: Tickets are available at www.reservatech.net, charge by phone 902-842-1577 and 902-564-6668 and in person at the Savoy Theatre Box office open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

October 21
City: Sherbrooke, QC
Venue: Theatre Centennial
On-Sale: June 25th @ 1:00pm EST
Ticket Information: Tickets available at the Centennial box office or charge by phone at 819-822-9692

October 22
City: Quebec City, QC
Venue: Le Cercle
On-Sale: June 25th @ 10AM EST
Ticket Information: Tickets available at www.billetech.com and at Le Cercle.

October 23
City: Montreal, QC
Venue: The National
On-Sale: June 25th @ noon EST
Ticket Information: Tickets available at www.admission.com or charge by phone (514) 790-1245

October 26
City: Oakville, ON
Venue: Oakville Centre
On-Sale: On-Sale now
Ticket Information: Tickets are available at www.oakvillecentre.ca or charge by phone 905-815-2021

October 27
City: Peterborough, ON
Venue: Showplace
On-Sale: June 25th @ 11AM EST
Ticket Information: Tickets on sale at Showplace box office, Moondance, Blue Streak Records, www.showplace.org , or charge by phone at 705.742.7469

October 28
City: Kingston, ON
Venue: Grand Theatre
On-Sale: June 25th @ 12PM EST
Ticket Information: Tickets on sale at The Grand Theatre box office, Brian's Record Option, Tricolour Outlet, www.kingstongrand.ca , or charge by phone at 613-530-2050

October 30
City: Pembroke, ON
Venue: Festival Hall
On-Sale: On-Sale Now
Ticket Information: Tickets on Sale at the Festival Hall Box Office or Charge by Phone at 613-735-2613 or 613-735-2182.
The Box Office is open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Summer Hours). Presented by Green Tomato Productions

November 03
City: Parry Sound, ON
Venue: Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts
On-Sale: July 17th @ 9AM EST
Ticket Information: Tickets on sale at at the Stockey Centre box or by phone at 705.746.4466 or 1.877.746.4466  The box office is open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 5pm.

November 05
City: Toronto, ON
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
On-Sale: July 16th @ 10AM EST
Ticket Information: Tickets on sale at Ticketmaster the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Box Office and charge by phone 416-870-8000

Tour dates taken from www.gorddownie.com 

Tragically Hip on Rockband

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 Kingston-based rock band The Tragically Hip sent out a tweet today to announce some exciting news to their fans:

“Now available for Rockband – Blow at High Dough” with a link to their Facebook post.

“Blow at High Dough” was the first single by The Tragically Hip from their premiere full-length album “Up to Here”, released in 1989. Many Canadians may also recognize it as the opening theme song for the CBC Television satirical TV comedy ‘Made in Canada’, which aired from 1998-2003 and starred comedian Rick Mercer.

Listen to a sample of the song – and XBox360 owners of Rock Band can order & download to play – at the Rock Band website.

Continue reading at the Kingston Herald...

11th Fret - The Lost Video

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Hey All!

Here's Gord rippin' it up. Cool filming and the tune's not bad either :)

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Summer Tour

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I love this time of year. It's the time of year I dream about throughout the winter season. Summer tours, festivals and outdoor shows. Last year at this time I already had 4 Hip shows under my belt and was just about to head down to Pittsburgh & Indianapolis to catch my first shows from Phish 3.0.

As it is this year, a few things have been lined up with more that will likely fall into place as we go along. My first Big show is next weekend on June 12th. I am heading down to Cuyahuga Falls, OH to with my sister & our significant others to see Phish. My sister & I have been on that crazy ride many times before, but the others are virgins and I'm sure this will be an eye-opener to say the least. You would have a hard time convincing me there's a better live act, period. No 2 shows are ever the same.

June 25th is a boys road trip to Rochester, NY for the first show of Furthur's Summer Tour. Dancing with the Deadheads is always a blast and the venue, The Highland Bowl, is perfect for this scene. I swear the trees were breathing last time I was there. They are playing at Artpark too if anyone's interested. Never a bad time:) Great musicianship from living legends.

I'm on the fence about going to Ottawa for the Bluesfest. If I did, it would only be for 1 day, July 7...to see Steel Pulse. It's shitty that they are playing a the same time as Furthur.

As far as the Molson Amphitheatre goes, I'm holding tickets for the Santana/Steve Winwood show and for RUSH. If I opt out of Steel Pulse, The Flaming Lips may also make the list.

I have nothing scheduled for August due to the fact that the woman & I are due to head out west. We're not sure whether we're going to San Fran or Seattle, but I'm sure we'll catch something wherever we go. We usually like to anyways. If it's the bay area I will be paying a premium to see Phish at The Greek in Berkeley, a venue that I haven't seen a show at (yet).

My buddy Sameer was able to secure us tickets for Roger Waters at the ACC. The Saturday night show. It's going to be fucking Epic. We'll have to bring edibles since the place is controlled by Nazis. That's Canada's big problem with concerts and the such (beer gardens??? WTF?), but I will lay off that topic since I have schedule some American stops. Ha ha.

I am going to catch Gord this year. I just haven't decided where. He's playing a free show over in Niagara Falls, NY which may be something to check out. Plus there's the poker rooms over there....

If you have any summer concert plans, I'd love to hear about them. Post a comment or drop a line.


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No More Virgin Fests

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So I read they canceled all the "Virgin Festivals" across Canada.  Good.  It was all bullshit anyway.  Just another way to wrap their logos around music and bands and try to sell you shit, to get you to sign up for this or that and tell you what's cool.  Branding.  We're sinking in it and starting not to notice.  The funny thing is most of the bands who played these things probably railed against such social antics during their rise to prominence only to now suck the Teet of a big payday.  The article suggest that maybe it's the economy, but I'm holding out hope that it may be society (youth) smartening up a bit.  You can only be shoveled shit for so long, right?  Maybe folks want to go somewhere where the music comes first, interactions with friends and others come first.  Maybe they just don't want to be sold something every step of the way.  Can you draw a parallel between this and the lack of attendance at Blue Jays games where Rogers is force fed to Everyone?  I don't know, but you could argue...

Another chit-chat with Gordie put into print ahead of the release of The Grand Bounce.  This time it's by Mike Doherty of the National Post.

If Gord Downie didn't exist, Canada would have to invent him. After all, who else unites such a wide spectrum of Canadians, from sensitive nature-worshippers to surly, lager-swilling brawlers? On his new solo album, The Grand Bounce, the Tragically Hip front man even sings about how the two extremes can have more in common than one may suspect -- although he comes down on the side of the softies.

"This country maybe needs to feel more vulnerable, act more vulnerable," Downie says. The rangy singer is elaborating on his song The Hard Canadian in an east-Toronto coffee shop, with a cup of java in front of him. The character is as uncommunicative as a sheet of rock in coldest February, but as Downie sings against a howling backdrop, the Hard Canadian drags a "brush through ... wet pigment," remembering the "glow" of someone's nightgown. His hardness is really just an act.

Read on where it was written...HERE.

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