Coming Clean at the Bathhouse

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Recorded in 2008’s year of continental excess and governmental Spending Gone Wild, The Tragically Hip’s latest album, We Are the Same, brings its listeners something beyond the unexpected: actual hope. Gord Downie’s lyrics—backed by a band ripe with confidence and skill—tackle what we might assume had passed far under the bridge. Should a first listen be given to a person recently hatched from a time capsule, or a pod sent from beyond Mars, she might believe that our essential uniting tenet, faith in humanity, still exists. We are, indeed, the Same, and when this is recognized, a bit of that space between us all shrinks.

We Are the Same isn’t only levity and light, though. The band exposes our black eyes and our crushes, the struggle of the worker in places as far flung as New Orleans and Athabaska or as close as a Lake Ontario shore is to the shore of Chicago. A trio of “Depression Suites” examines people trapped in menial jobs. Part of the magic, however, is that The Tragically Hip has never lost its working man’s roots; from their start in the tiny clubs of Kingston and Toronto and Halifax and Vancouver to the world stage, Gordon, Paul, Rob, Gord, and Johnny continue to sweat hard, and the triumphant and often chilling trilogy is an ode to those who keep the rest of us content.

Several of the tracks address a desire for escape, possible or not, and most take a look at our sense of self worth, both as individuals and as a larger community. We’re asked, point blank: Don’t our First Peoples deserve reconciliation? The Hip is neither apologetic nor afraid to question the state of our natural environment, and our internal environments don’t escape unexamined either. The inability to undo time and the idea of reflection also appear again and again: how we reflect one another, how the moon bounces back the light of the sun onto our communal view and our communal problems, how mirrors give us more than just ourselves.

There’s melancholy and anger here, driving guitar, and absolutely unforgettable melody. The Hip, with songs like “Morning Moon” and “The Last Recluse,” could even have somebody like Stephen Harper humming along in the back of the limo. The powerhouse legend Bob Rock, once more on the dials, tunes the words and music of one of our country’s great enigmas and talents into something completely new and yet immediately recognizable. This band, a dozen albums and 26 years in the making, shows us once again not only why they are but who they are, snowshoeing through new land while sowing seeds for all of us secret musicians and poets and citizens hungry for a chance. And a change.

They’re comfortable in their own skin, but the men of The Tragically Hip are still hungry to explore. With the same heart of the boys who penned and played “38 Years Old,” the band shows us 20 years later that wisdom indeed comes with age, and that Heart doesn’t change. Finally, the album’s cumulative effect is one of genuine comfort—or maybe much needed consolation. This iconic band, at the peak of its powers, rests a warm hand on its listeners’ shoulders. Downie speaks to each of us, individually, and the effect is uncanny. This song is for me. This song speaks to what I’m going through. I’m actually not alone.

Under the pillow
I can hear you whisperin’ are you going through something?

Well honey are you going through something?
Are you going through something?
Then I – I – I – I I am too
Then I – I – I – I I am too

It’s all in here, grinding stadium anthems and love songs you want to sing to your newborn baby. The Hip isn’t afraid to show a soft side, and we’re all the better for it. This release is a cry for understanding, a whisper and scream to our world, our country, or communities, and our families. From the gorgeous and crafted first track to the bold and elegiac last, The Tragically Hip’s latest gem is something prophetic, nurturing, and essential. Every listen brings further understanding—nothing new for a band with decades of depth—but The Tragically Hip couldn’t have predicted a race’s dream fulfilled, a choking environment’s gasp at fresh air, a world’s reconsideration of a continent, without a full measure of faith and hope. It’s for these reasons this album is bread, water, love.

—Joseph and Amanda Boyden, New Orleans, 2009

Working-Class Poets

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'Working-Class Poets' (Rolling Stone) The Tragically Hip Craft An Ode To Everyman On New Album

New York, NY. (Top40 Charts/ Shore Fire Media) - The Tragically Hip have crafted a guitar-drenched ode to everyman on 'We are the Same', their new album out April 7 on Rounder Records.

Featuring relaxed tempos and a mix of electric and acoustic arrangements, 'We are the Same' reconciles melancholy, anger, and optimism amid driving guitars and unforgettable melodies, epitomizing what Rolling Stone called The Hip's 'boundless ambition in making honest rock & roll.'

The easygoing, country-inflected opening track, 'Morning Moon,' follows a man's search for 'one little thing to make you feel better' in the course of the day.
The infectious 'Coffee Girl' reminisces over a 'beautiful and disaffected' diner waitress, while the driving, mandolin-tinged 'Queen of the Furrows' professes love for a quiet but industrious farmhand.

Listen to 'Morning Moon' here:

As with their critically-acclaimed 2007 album 'World Container,' 'We Are The Same' was produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Aerosmith, Motley Crue), who orchestrated the dense sonic textures that surround these tales of love, aspiration, and struggle. Hip frontman Gordon Downie told the Calgary Herald that 'I've met a lot of mystics and oracles of the production world, but I've never met anyone like Bob Rock.'
'We Are The Same' is the twelfth studio album from the Kingston, Ontario quintet, and plans are in the works for a spring/summer U.S. tour.

Tragically Hip in the News

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I found this on

Hidden Tracks: The Tragically Hip are Just That


Pitchers and catchers report -- one of the best phrases a person can read. This is my favorite time of the year. Spring training has finally arrived. The unmistakable sound of the bat-hitting ball is bliss. Can summer be far behind?

And this year is better then most. The Phillies are reining World Champs. The winter didn’t seem as harsh as it usually does. It’s not something we Phils fans had many chances of saying. Thankfully, I was alive for their first crown.

As much as I love music, baseball is my first love. Just getting the glove out and having a catch is my idea of fun. Hell, just thinking about tossing the ball gets my heart going a little bit faster.

Just as there is nothing like the anticipation of a new baseball season, a close second is awaiting the arrival of a favorite band’s latest album. When I hear that Bruce Springsteen or Better Than Ezra have new music coming out I eagerly await its release.

When Springsteen’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town” came out, I was standing in the record store, waiting for UPS to deliver the shipment. I had to buy 3 copies -- my buddies had to work, so it was my duty to get the first ones.

So when I heard that this week’s band is coming out with a new disc in April, I felt compelled to write about their previous one. The Tragically Hip should be better known then they are. And if you doubt me go out and grab “World Container.”

From “Yer Not the Ocean”, the opening track to “Last Night I Dreamed You Didn’t Love Me” this Canadian quintet hits all the right notes. They find unique ways of expressing eternal ideas.

They bring a northern sense to their music. And it’s perfectly expressed in “The Lonely End of the Rink”: a song about that’s about misfit love. Or hockey…I haven’t really decided which yet.

"The Kids Don’t Get It” is what rock is supposed to be; heavy guitars, and lyrics that you have to think about more than once to get the message. “In View,” “Fly” and the title track are unlike most music you have heard.

So while we wait for the Hip’s next album, here’s the link to their website so you can get a sense of who they are. Click around and get a feel for their sound. You’ll get to hear a lot of their music and I know you’ll quickly agree that the kids might not get it, but you will.

Link to original article here.

Things are just starting to heat up in the Tragically Hip circle. This summer should be fun for all of the band's fans.

We Are The Same - The Tragically Hip

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W.A.T.S. up everyone?

The Tragically Hip have announced the upcoming release of their 12th studio album, We Are The Same, due in store April 7, 2009. Here is the release as it appeared on the Tragically Hip website:

Hi Folks,

Greetings to all. We have some very exciting news to deliver. Our twelfth album, We Are The Same, will be released in North America on Tuesday, April 7th. The album was produced by Bob Rock and recorded primarily at the Bathouse Studio. It contains twelve new tracks that range from levity and light to melancholy and anger. We think it has a little bit for everyone and showcases the great range of the band.

The full track listing is:

Morning Moon
Honey, Please
The Last Recluse
Coffee Girl
Now The Struggle Has A Name
The Depression Suite
The Exact Feeling
Queen of the Furrows
Speed River
Frozen In My Tracks
Love Is A First
Country Day

The opening track, “Morning Moon”, is now available to be streamed from our website, Facebook and MySpace page, as well as our iLike page. Novelists Joseph and Amanda Boyden wrote the new album bio. Please have a read, we think it captures the essence of We Are The Same better then we could ever imagine articulating it ourselves.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks, as we will continue to announce more great news, including album pre-order details, tour info and some more We Are The Same nuggets.For those of you who have not spent time at the redesigned, we hope you enjoy. There is tons of new goodies, including full streaming of the entire discography, live shows, live pictures and our new online store, the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop features new items such as lyric and classic album t-shirts and the first three volumes of the Live From The Vault concert archive series.

The Hip

As mentioned above, Morning Moon is currently streaming at so check it out and strat requesting it on your favorite radio station.

Tragically Hip Playing London, ON

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The Tragically Hip have scheduled their first show of summer 2009. They will be playing the the Rock the Park festival in London, ON of Thursday July 23, 2009. The following information was taken from :

The Tragically Hip
Thurs July 23 2009
Harris Park – London ON

Special guests to be announced.

Presale: FM96 presale starts Tuesday February 3rd.

OnSale: Tickets on sale Saturday February 7th
Price: Tickets are $55 for general admission, or $95 for VIP.

Tickets Box Office: Are available Sat Feb 7 at Centennial Box Office
Tickets Phone: By calling 519 672 1967 or 519 672 1968
Tickets Online: Or online at You must be registered and logged in with Centennial Box Office to purchase tickets online.

Tickets will not be available for pick up until after February 9th 2009

Box Office Hours: Centennial Hall Box Office is open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.
Sunday & Holidays : CLOSED
Call (519) 672-1967 or (519) 672-1968 to charge with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

Please note on Thursday July 23 (day of show)
Centennial Box Office will be open from 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Boxoffice Opens at Harris Park at 3:00PM on day of show for ticket sales and ticket pickup

Stay tuned to Tragically Hip Tour for more information on more summer tour dates, tragically hip tickets and the eagerly anticipated upcoming album.
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