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This just in from the Tragically Hip:



It has been a busy fall for everyone around The Hip HQ.

On the album front, we have been hard at work recording a new studio record. Bob Rock is at the helm again. Finishing touches are being applied. We will have more info to send y’all soon.

We have completed our brand new website, 2.0 if you will. We are really pleased with it, and think that MAv has out done himself.

New features include:

A new online storefront called the Gift Shop. It has an overall more user-friendly layout and navigation. New photos have been taken of all the items and a product viewer that allows for a both functional and fun zoom-in application.

With the new store, come several new items.

Live From the VaultOn the music side of things, we are introducing the Live From The Vault series. With this new series, we are combing our archives to find our favorite performances from years gone by.

The music is not altered, besides some basic mastering. The shows are available in two formats, 256 kbps MP3’s and Flac files. All downloads come with complimentary Wil Ruocco designed artwork, should you wish to burn your own cd.

To open the series, we present Volumes 1 through 3. Volume 1 is from Halifax in 1995, Volume 2 is from Austin, Texas in 2002 and Volume 3 is from the band’s stop in Hamilton in 2007. Let us know what you think and there will be more to come soon.

Vintage T's
Other products include some great new T-shirts. There are three new Vintage Album T’s. We started with Road Apples, Day For Night and Phantom Power. The other new clothing line is the release of lyric T’s. The first two releases of those are for Courage and Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park.

For the shinny and pond hockey fan, we have the Shinny Pack, which includes a tuque, scarf and puck. All items of the Shinny pack are also sold separately.

Shinny Pack
Returning to more new website features, the Music Player has been updated in both look and content.

The popular Song Of The Day feature remains, for both Regular Users and Registered Users. For Registered Users, the rest of the changes to the Music Player apply. The band’s entire discography is available to not only be streamed, but to be placed into customized Playlists. These Playlists can be can be shared, voted on and scrutinized for all to see. For good measure, at any given time we will have several streaming live shows from the band’s vault.

There is a new Video Player that allows for the playback of all of the band’s music videos. This playback features streaming content using mpeg4 files and allows for high-resolution full screen viewing. We also have the archive of MAv’s home movies from live shows, backstage and the studio.

A new Flickr application has been created to allow for a rotation of hundreds of photos. Almost every page of the new site contains this photo feature. There are tons of live concert photos, old promo photos and candid band photos. There is also a feature for fans to upload their photos of the band.

The Archive section features a variety of band information and facts, including a comprehensive list of past shows, set lists, a database of cities and venues the band has played and all song lyrics. Registered Users can keep track of all the shows they have attended and the songs they have seen performed. This is also where the Hip Story Project resides. The HSP allows fans to tell their personal stories about all things Hip. Great experiences from past shows, how certain songs or albums have helped shape them and a place to recite anecdotes and memories.

Enjoy the new site. If you are not yet a Registered User, we recommend that you give it a try. Unlike other band’s, additional access on is free, and includes extra content, First in Line ticket access and access to fan only shows.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2009,

The Hip

PS: Please have patience when using the new site, as a few kinks are still being worked out. The kinks will get worked shortly and be running as good as it looks.


Congratulations boys on a job well done.
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