Tragically Hip Fantasy Setlist Game 2011.01

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This is a fun game that I like to play as we await the Real Deal.  I call it The Tragically Hip Fantasy Setlist Game.  There's actually no winners or losers so I guess it's more of an exercise than a game.  

There's not a lot of rules.  Every song is available for use no matter how long it's been since they last played it.  If they've recorded it or played it live it's OK by me.   I guess the format should be consistent so  I'm going to lay it out as a 2 set show with a single encore.  I think this is the best format for a live Hip show and hopefully they continue on with it at their non-festival shows.  The one thing I don't want are repeats from the previous Fantasy Setlist.  So if this were an actual tour there would be no repeats from Night 1 to Night 2.  And nothing played on Night 2 would be played on Night 3.  And so on.

The first Tragically Hip Fantasy Setlist will be titled 2011.001.  When submitting a setlist please let me know what setlist it was meant to follow.  There is now a Fantasy Setlist Page so you can have a look at how they progress on after another and to help give you some ideas. 

Don't let what The Hip have done in the past regarding setlists hold you back.  Think outside the box and have some fun with it.  It does not have to be realistic in the sense that it could ever happen.  Fantasy.
 OK.  Here we go...

Set I:  Highway Girl, Coffee Girl, Thompson Girl, Don't Wake Daddy, Fifty Mission Cap, Looking For A Place To Happen, The Darkest One, Vaccination Scar, So Hard Done By, Something On

Set II:  Fully Completely, Yer Not The Ocean, Little Bones, Scared, The Depression Suite, Membership, The Lonely End Of The Rink, Trickle Down, Love Is A First, The Wherewithal

 E: Sharks, Twist My Arm

 Show Notes*** 

If you'd like to submit a setlist for possible publication email me HERE.  Feel free to write whatever you want as to why you chose certain songs, song placements and themes (if any).


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