Tragically Hip Fantasy Setlist Game 2011.02

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Buffalo City Hall
 OK.  The first submitted setlist I'm going to publish comes from Scott D who is attending The Hip's Buffalo show on July 30, 2011.  This show is a part of the Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor series.  Other bands in this series include Dark Star Orchestra (a personal favorite), Elvis Costello, Flogging Molly, Alice Cooper & Great Big Sea.  All shows are $10adv. & $20 at the door with the exception being The Hip who come in at $46.  

Buffalo has always offered great summertime entertainment.  Thursday's in the Square is a free concert series that has been going on for many years and artists participating in that event this year include Blues Traveler, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Lowest of the Low, Sloan, George Clinton & P-Funk and Tokyo Police Club just to name a few.  Be sure to check out the Buffalo Place website for all of the details. This is very cool for residents of Western NY & SW Ontario so take advantage... Even moreso with the value of the Loonie these days.

Alright.  Onto Scott's setlist...

Set I:  Fully Completely, Fireworks, Yer Not the Ocean, Ahead By A Century, Lake Fever, Twist My Arm, Chagrin Falls, Gift Shop, At the Hundredth Meridian, My Music at Work

Set II: The Depression Suite, New Orleans Is Sinking, Love Is A First, Bobcaygeon, Fifty Mission Cap, Blow At High Dough, Last American Exit, Locked in the Trunk of a Car, Little Bones 

Encore: Grace Too, Courage

Show Notes:   I think with Scott's setlist the crowd most assuredly got their money's worth.  That's a bevy of Heavy-Hitters throughout both sets as well as the encore.  I don't see much down time for the crowd to recuperate.  Even during the one song that might be labeled a ballad, Bobcaygeon, the crowd goes apeshit over that one anyway.  There would be a lot of grins being flashed on the way out and some tire legs too.
The bust-out and one song that would surely send a buzz throughout the venue and across the Internet among Hipheads is of course Last American Exit.  How appropriate for Buffalo too.  The last acknowledged live version of this tune according to the database at  is from a 1989/11/30 show at The Spectrum in Toronto, ON.  I don't know that we'll ever hear another live tune played off The EP.  Especially one that Gord didn't write the lyrics for.

You'll often hear bands mention that they don't play older songs because they don't relate to them anymore or maybe they're embarrassed because they have come such a long way musically, personally, etc.  Or they just want to keep moving forward.  And that's fair.  If a particular song doesn't do it for a band anymore they shouldn't play it.  I don't want to ever see a band Jobbing It.  I want them to love it.  Passionately.  Because fans can see that.  Now, that being said, I'd love to hear what this band that's come so far and grown so much could do with some of these old gems.  There is some great material available.  How very different they would sound now.  This band today plays with a completely different sound, different equipment, different voices and a different perspective.  Wishful think and nothing to lose sleep over at the same time.
So how would they follow up a show like that if they couldn't repeat anything from the previous night?


Set I: Fire in the Hole, Poets, Use It Up, Morning Moon, Summer's Killing Us, Nautical Disaster > Thugs, Flamenco, Escape is at Hand for the Travelin' Man, Cordelia

Set II:  Country Day, Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park, Boots or Hearts, In View, Greasy Jungle, Freak Turbulence, Fight, 38 Years Old, I'll Believe In You, Inevitably of Death, On the Verge

E: Wheat Kings

Show Notes: Always leave 'em wanting more :)
Thanks Scott.

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