The Tragically Hip 1993/02/08 Munich, Germany (Full Show Footage)

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It's so awesome that gems like this are available online with a little digging. This is from the 1993 European Tour that took place in Jan/Feb from what I can tell. It would actually be fairly hard to tell that this tour even took place without this footage. lists only this show and one the day before as the only European dates though user comments suggest the band continued on to England. Bands on the way up, from Canada, etc.... don't just go to Europe for a couple of shows. The investment is too large.

The question becomes, 'Why isn't there more known/archived from this trip?' It seems like a pretty fantastic adventure for a band in their prime. The Hip were on point in this era. They were playing a high number of shows and were a cohesive unit up there on stage. This when The Hip were first grabbing my attention anyway.

I would love to hear anything you know regarding this tour. AUDS, setlists, anything.... Hit up the comments section below or reach us on Facebook or Twitter...

Enjoy the show!

Setlist: Fifty-Mission Cap, Twist My Arm, Courage, Looking For A Place To Happen, Bring It All Back, Pigeon Camera, New Orleans Is Sinking, We'll Go Too, Last Of The Unplucked Gems*, Lionized

* Thugs tease

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