TTH 2015 'Fully & Completely' Stat Pack - Updated 2015/03/12

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OK, another block of shows is in the books and so we update our numbers... We are now 19 shows into the 2015 tour and thee boys have played 19 shows. The structure of each show has been exactly the same. 5 songs to start... The 12 songs from 'Fully Completely'... 5 songs to end... That's 22 songs per show.

In addition to the 12 locked in songs from the FC portion of the concerts both At Transformation and Grace Too have been played at every show. That leave 8 slots up for grabs for whatever song you're dreaming of to see live although... In View has been played 17 times (ugh) so in 90% of these shows there has really only been 7 slots available for random choices.

The offset to this is Fully Completely (the album). I've was fortunate enough to see the FC tour and subsequent tours which explored most if not all of these gems, but just based on the law of averages I would bet most of you have not had the opportunity to see songs such as Looking For A Place To Happen, Pigeon Camera, Lionized, We'll Go Too & The Wherewithal. There's some serious live powers to this collection of songs, something you may not have been aware of before catching a date on this tour. The Wherewithal is a live monster. So is Lionized. This is the draw IMO. And it should be.

41 song titles have been played in addition to the 12 FC songs. 53 individual Hip songs in total. Still nothing from 'In Between Evolution'.

Total Songs

At Transformation - 19
Grace, Too - 19

In View - 17

My Music At Work - 14

New Orleans Is Sinking - 12

Ahead By A Century - 10
Poets - 10

Nautical Disaster - 9

Blow At High Dough - 7

Bobcaygeon - 6
Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin' Man - 6
Little Bones - 6
Man Machine Poem - 6
Scared - 6
Twist My Arm - 6

Fireworks - 5
Something On - 5

Long Time Running - 4
Vapour Trails - 4

So Hard Done By - 3
Three Pistols - 3

Boots Or Hearts - 2
It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken - 2
Kids Don't Get It, The - 2
Lonely End Of The Rink, The - 2
We Want To Be It - 2

Exact Feeling, The - 1
Fiddler's Green - 1
Flamenco - 1

Songs By Album

Fully Completely - 12
Phantom Power - 6
Road Apples - 5
Day For Night - 4
Now For Plan A - 3
Up To Here - 3
World Container - 3
Trouble At The Henhouse - 2
Music At Work - 1
We Are The Same - 1
In Violet Light - 1
In Between Evolution - 0
The EP - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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