No More Virgin Fests

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So I read they canceled all the "Virgin Festivals" across Canada.  Good.  It was all bullshit anyway.  Just another way to wrap their logos around music and bands and try to sell you shit, to get you to sign up for this or that and tell you what's cool.  Branding.  We're sinking in it and starting not to notice.  The funny thing is most of the bands who played these things probably railed against such social antics during their rise to prominence only to now suck the Teet of a big payday.  The article suggest that maybe it's the economy, but I'm holding out hope that it may be society (youth) smartening up a bit.  You can only be shoveled shit for so long, right?  Maybe folks want to go somewhere where the music comes first, interactions with friends and others come first.  Maybe they just don't want to be sold something every step of the way.  Can you draw a parallel between this and the lack of attendance at Blue Jays games where Rogers is force fed to Everyone?  I don't know, but you could argue...

Another chit-chat with Gordie put into print ahead of the release of The Grand Bounce.  This time it's by Mike Doherty of the National Post.

If Gord Downie didn't exist, Canada would have to invent him. After all, who else unites such a wide spectrum of Canadians, from sensitive nature-worshippers to surly, lager-swilling brawlers? On his new solo album, The Grand Bounce, the Tragically Hip front man even sings about how the two extremes can have more in common than one may suspect -- although he comes down on the side of the softies.

"This country maybe needs to feel more vulnerable, act more vulnerable," Downie says. The rangy singer is elaborating on his song The Hard Canadian in an east-Toronto coffee shop, with a cup of java in front of him. The character is as uncommunicative as a sheet of rock in coldest February, but as Downie sings against a howling backdrop, the Hard Canadian drags a "brush through ... wet pigment," remembering the "glow" of someone's nightgown. His hardness is really just an act.

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