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Hey All,

I am On the Verge of releasing Vol. 2 of The Tragically Hip Stat Pack for the 2009 tour. I am lacking some final details on one particular show (05/27/2009), so I am going to wait until I can confidently give you the complete package. I have developed a nice Matrix which does the math for me, Ha ha, so there will be a few more categories this time around.

Here some links to Tragically Hip audience recordings over at etree:

Fillmore - Detroit, MI 05/29/2009

Fillmore - Detroit, MI 05/30/2009
House of Blues - Cleveland, OH 05/31/2009

Lots of other good music there too. Phish is blazing out of the gate. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks. It's been far too long.

Go Wings!

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