Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA 06/10/2009

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The Tragically Hip
The Troubadour Set List
Los Angeles, CA

Set I

Honey Please
Yer Not The Ocean
Fully Completely
Morning Moon
Ahead By A Century
The Dire Wolf
Love Is A First
At The Hundredth Meridian
Coffee Girl
In View
The Depression Suite

Set II

Courage @
Flamenco @
Scared @
Save the Planet
The Last Recluse
Grace Too
Frozen In My Tracks
New Orleans Is Sinking

Now The Struggle Has A Name
Blow At High Dough

Notes: Another Day For Night song makes an appearance this tour with the first Thugs. Honey Please opens the show, a slot it has now occupied for its last 3 playings. A real nice start to this show. The Ocean>Fully Completely is a good jump start. Rare mid set slot for Love Is A First and the deepest slotting we I seen so far for Fireworks.

@ = Acoustic
Bold = Tour Breakout
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