Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL 05/27/2009

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I have finally got my hands on what has proven to be the most elusive set list so far this tour: 05/27/2009 @ the Vic Theatre in Chicago, IL. A reader who attended both shows was kind enough to send this to me....

The Tragically Hip
Vic Theatre Set List
Chicago, IL

Set I

The Depression Suite
In View
Coffee Girl
Morning Moon
It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken
New Orleans Is Sinking
Honey, Please
Tiger The Lion
At The Hundredth Meridian
Queen of the Furrows
Love Is A First

Set II
The Bear@
Wheat Kings@
Springtime In Vienna
The Last Recluse
Inevitability of Death
Gift Shop Yawning or Snarling
Family Band
Now The Struggle Has a Name
Nautical Disaster
Little Bones

Frozen In My Tracks
Blow At High Dough

@ = Acoustic

Looking over the set list I think the order of a couple of songs may need to be flipped. I'm only basing this on previous set lists and the patterns within. That being said, I think we probably have a fairly accurate list of the specific songs that did appear that night.

The set list as it was sent to me had Queen of the Furrows as the Set I closer. The pattern has generally been when The Depression Suite opens the first set, Love Is A First is on clean up duty so I added that one.

I don't know that the band has coupled We Are the Same songs on this tour by playing them back-to-back, so time will tell if the Coffee Girl>Morning Moon sequence happened or not.

I am going to apply the set list above to Vol 2 of the Stat Pack. Adjustments can always be made going forward.

Thanks to Bruno in the beautiful city of Chicago for being kind enough to send in the information. Now if we could only figure out where summer is...
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