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The Hip are talked about a lot in the interview. It's the whole Canadians trying to make it in America thing. I like what he has to say about those that think The Tragically Hip have not seen success down south.

Canadian rock fans living near the U.S. border might be tempted to take a road trip this week to see the Sam Roberts Band on its short tour through the upper Midwestern United States. Roberts has long since stopped playing small clubs in his home country, where he’s a big star who recently won Juno awards—basically the Canadian Grammy—for artist of the year and rock album of the year. But like a lot of popular Canadian acts, Roberts has struggled to make his name in the U.S. His latest release, Love At The End Of The World—the album that won the Juno—didn’t even come out here until almost a year after it topped the charts in Canada. Obviously there’s something us Americans don’t seem to get about Canadian rock stars. Before his show Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 7th Street Entry, The A.V. Club asked Roberts for a crash course in all the Canadian bands that we’ve missed out on.

Read the Q&A here.

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