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Hey All,

The boys have uploaded an entire concert from this past tour to their YouTube channel. It's the 08/08/2009 show from Abbotsford, BC.

The Live From the Vault series receives two new additions. Vol. 5 is a 2004 show from The Avalon in Los Angeles, CA and Vol. 6 is from the 1996 Trouble at the Henhouse tour in Cleveland. This was the last tour I got to see the boys play Maple Leaf Gardens. That barn used to rock...way better than the ACC. People were on top of each other and there were no luxury suites fucking things up. Gorilla Monsoon would have said, "You can cut the electricity in here with a knife!" I digress...Check out these downloads and more over at The Hip's Gift Shop.

Sorry for my tardiness on the final stats and tour thoughts. Life gets busy sometimes. I will post ASAP as I have the numbers sorted now, etc.

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