Happy New Year...It's Playoff Time!

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A little cross over here....

For anyone interested I am running an NFL playoff challenge of sorts.

This is a no cost to you contest. Up for grabs is the movie Heat starring Al Pacino & Bobby De Niro. You may have already seen it, but I got it cheap. Arguably the greatest shootout scene ever. It's on you to read the rules and get your shit figured out. Good luck!

To sign up go to:


You will need to search the group name and then use a password to get in. One team per person although you can run as many as you like outside of this group if you wish.

Group Name: mrjackstrawSays
Pass Word: letmein

Don't forget that I am looking for Hip fan/poker players as well to maybe get a once a month online tourney for folks with common interests (Hip, hockey, poker). Anyways, hope to see you in the playoffs. Remember, it's free to you.

I will be posting weekly results and my astute NFL betting analysis over at mrjackstrawSays. Lately it's been advisable to go against my picks. Just sayin'...

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