Daredevil - Lyrics

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Last played: 2012/12/05 Spokane, WA
Debut: 1994/07/01 Barrie, ON
Album: Day For Night (1994)
Notes: Heavy play in 1995-96. Since then it's never been shelved, but it's appearances would now be considered rare and special. Always a nice catch at a show.

I can't imagine how you feel and this is how you feel
you say your name like you're no longer convinced
but now they're strapping you in and closing the lid
and they're dropping you in what's done you did
The bell's picking up speed there's water leaking in
that ol' equilibrium just starts to spin and spin
Do you like to be judged or liked
Do you like it inside a barrel
plunging over the falls
Curious and grim we wrestle at the rim
we wonder all about him and the point of it all

I'll be short and brief
and to the point
the fighting has resumed
In that tone of voice
the plague is exhumed
He said "what I'm going through
is essentially all true
made no less amazing
by the fact that it's see-through"
You like to be judged or liked
And you like it inside a barrel
plunging over the falls
Strong and green and dim it wrestled him like nuthin
out out out
and into the thrill of em all

And the real wonder of the world is that we don't jump too

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