Scared - Lyrics

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Last played: 2013/02/09 Oshawa, ON
Debut: 1994/07/24 Glastonbury, ENG
Album: Day For Night (1994)
Notes: A consistent part of The Hip's live repertoire since its debut. And for good reason. It has slowed down as of late and is now probably considered a bit of a rarity. It was played only 6 times during the 39 show 'Now For Plan A Tour'.

I could make you scared
if you want me to
I'm not prepared, but if I have to
He said, I can make you scared,
it's kinda what I do
If you're prepared,
here's what I propose to do
You're in Russia
and more than a million works of art
are whisked out to the woods
So when the Nazis
find the whole place dark
They'd think god's
left the museum for good

I make you scared, if that's what I do
If you're prepared, if I have to
If I make you scared and you pay me to
If that's the deal
now here's what I can do for you

Now there's a focus group
that can prove
this is all nothing
but cold calculation

Tests have shown
that suspicious or hostile
Their lives need not be shortened
truth be told
they can live a long, long while
Tickled to death by their importance

If you make me scared,
if that's what you do
If I'm unclear can I get out of this thing
with me and you
If you feel scared, a bit confused,
I gotta say
this sounds a little beyond
anything I'm used to

Now there's a precious few
that can prove that at the root
This is all nothing but a cold calculation

Clearly entranced,
you're leaning back now
Defanged destroyer limps into the bay
Down at the beach
it's attracting quite a crowd
As kids wade through blood
out to it to play

OK you made me scared,
you did what you set out to do
I'm not prepared, you really had me
going there for a minute or two
He said, you made me scared too,
I wasn't sure I was getting through
I gotta go, it's been a pleasure
doing business with you.

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