So Hard Done By - Lyrics

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Last played: 2015/01/13 Windsor, ON
Debut: 1991/12/31 Ottawa, ON
Album: Day For Night (1994)
Notes: SHDB's busiest year was actually 1998 on the Phantom Power tour where it was played 20 times and not as you would expect, on the Day for Night tour in 1995. Always a very popular tune among both the diehards and the casual fans, it's a rare treat to see these days with only 18 live appearances since Y2K. Remember that?

Interesting and sophisticated
refusing to be celebrated
it's a monumental big screen kiss
it's so deep it's meaningless
one day you'll just up and quit
and that'll be it
just then the stripper stopped in a coughing fit
she said sorry i can't go on with this

     yeah that's awful close
     but that's not why
     i'm so hard done by

It was true cinema à clef
you should see it before there's nothing left
in an epic too small to be tragic
you'll have to wait a minute
cause it's an instamatic

     yeah that's awful close
     but that's not why
     i'm so hard done by

Just then the room became more dimly lit
as the emcee carried on with it
and now that i got you all strangely compelled
i'm afraid Candy's not feeling well

     close, but that's not why
     i'm so hard done by

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