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The Rapture - May 21, 2011

I think this Rapture thing could be an excuse for some who do survive to throw in the towel on a few fronts.  Maybe their life is shit and this provides a convenient loop-hole to go into IDGAF mode.  "Maybe", they reason, "I'm already in hell.  What's the point?" 

You can do your part to let them know that this is NOT the case.  Don't let a co-worker's lackadaisical performance bring you down too.  Get in their face with this HIP Rapture Survivor T-Shirt.  Remind them that they are Alive and you won't be taking any more shit from them.  Because you Survived The Rapture - 2011 05 21 .

For all of the believers out there, if you haven't spent ALL of your life savings then what better way to show up at your next meeting/service/cult thing than in one of these Bad Boys?  Especially if you're still speechless.  Your shirt can speak for you.  Yep.

2011 05 21 Rapture T-Shirts

****written by mjs.  In jest and for entertainment purposes only.  The shirts however, are real.

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