Freak Turbulence - Lyrics

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Last played: 2004/10/21 Clifton Park, NY
Debut: 2000/01/01 Toronto, ON
Notes: After the 'Music @ Work Tour' in 2000 Freak Turbulence has been dusted off just 6 times. 3 times in 2002 and 3 more in 2004. Hopefully there'll be some updrafts soon, eh?

You're older, you're haunted,
    you're ahead of your time.
In corners of acres of blocks of
    straight lines.
Blurringly, hourly we cross some
    great divides
some heritage moments and some
    melodious minds...
a voice above the engine and the
    jet stream combined
'it's time..sir...The time sir...
    Do you have the time?'
As the moon groomed the airplane in a
    benevolent way
Again with the myth that's neither here,
    neither there
Again with the myth from up
    up high in the air
Above it all, i love you all
    Oh how could this be the end
Satan backhands our nose and our chin
 the wings tell the tailfins
'it's freak turbulence' -

Just then the Captain assures us
    we will land
'I'll have you on the ground
    in 25 minutes or less."
'or less', did he say 'less'? Unless what?
    We're not on time?
Or less he said 'or less Jet stream
    and engine combine
Unless he said 'Or less' as if a joke might
    just keep us flying
As the moon groomed the airplane in a
    benevolent way

As the moon groomed the airplane with its'
    benevolent rays

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