Lake Fever - Lyrics

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Just telling you a story...

Last played: 2013/02/01 Moncton, NB
Debut: 1999/12/29 Toronto, ON
Notes: Arguably the best song on the album, Lake Fever has gone from being a setlist staple to a bit of a rarity. It was dropped from the 2009 'WATS Tour' fairly early while other tunes were repeated over and over and over again. Hopefully there's more to come from this gem.

We can take a bit of a breather.
    We can skip to the practical part.
We can skip to the Time of Neither,
    when we're together and even
    when we're apart.
I'll tell you a story about the Lake Fever or
    we can skip to the coital fury.
You didn't say yes or no, neither.
You whispered, hurry.

We can take it a little bit further.
    We can stick to the after-effects part.
'Not trying to make you a believer,
    don't wanna a lil' piece of your heart.
Just telling you a story about the Lake fever
    or we can skip to a neutral fury.
You didn't say yes or no neither.
You whispered, hurry.

want to be a nobody without peer.
want to be a thought that's never done
want to shake your faith in human nature
want to break the hearts of everyone.
want to be your wheezing screen door.
want to be your stars of Algonquin.
want to be your roaring floorboard.
want to break the hearts of everyone.
and cause discontent until They,
    ceasing their investigation,
bring back the days events,
    good citezins and time well spent,
til we're talking in whispers again.

Until we're talking in whispers again

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