Something On - Lyrics

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Something On

Last played: 2009/05/15 Toronto, ON
Debut: 1998/07/02 Kingston, ON
Notes: The Hip played the shit out of this song from 1998-2000. The 2002 'In Violet Light Tour' was the first noticeable drop off in the regular setlist rotation. It has since tapered off even more to the point now where it doesn't even get played. Of course, they play Poets every single night...

Your imagination's having puppies
it could be a video for new recruits
just stare into the camera
and pretend that you got the flu
or dream of impossible vacations
and get all teary from the wind
look as though you're standing at the station
long after the train came in

and see how the space tautens
like there's something on
and you're never more hot than
when you've got something on

Picture a century of water
bury the pipeline guy right here

kill the dream of impossible vacations
with the sweep of a mapping pioneer
outside there's hectic action
the ice is covering the trees
and one of em's interconnecting
with my chevrolet caprice

Black out to phantom power
and like there's nothing on
and hammering the tower
and now there's nothing on

we'll ride the monorail
rocking gently home on the trail
you wanna show me the moon

I know you're standing at the station
I know there's nothing on
I know that alienation
I know the train's long gone
I can see how your face tautens
like you've got something on
It makes me feel just rotten
but you've got something on

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