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Last played: 2009/04/24 Toronto, ON
Debut: 1999/12/29 Toronto, ON
Notes: Hipheads have been tease twice by this song since the year 2000. Once on 2004/10/16 and of course, its last live performance at the one and only Danforth Music Hall.

You did the best that you could do.
You were a great crew,
who tried to nurture and preserve your
    faith in you.
And with the bureau chiefs
    and the shrugging spies
You could stay, but why.

You see a light and then another
and everything you fought for
    naught's uncovered.
You're not a fighter, you're a lover.
You got no business in here, brother
so... stay.

Is it the worst that you could do?
You were a great you,
who tried to nurture and preserve your
    faith in you
and with the bureau chiefs
    and the shrugging spies
you could stay and why.
Cause you see a light and then another.
Everything you thought you
    sought's uncovered.
You're a fighter and a lover
and there's no one up above her
so ...stay.

All things being balanced,
    it's balanced and called balancing
somewhere beyond everything it's being
    balanced not for the
sake of balance but balancing between
    the throes of learning
and the entire thing

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