Toronto #4 - Lyrics

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Last played: 2009/05/11 Toronto, ON
Debut: 2000/06/13 Chicago, IL
Notes: All but 5 of the 29 known live versions were played in 2000 on the M@W Tour. The song showed up a couple of times in October of 2004, similar to a few other songs on this album and was played 3 times during the acoustic portion of The Hip's 2009 tour. These appearances all came within about a week of each other early in the tour and then the song was dropped just as fast as it came.

Did you know you were the rock plug for
    all of us
did you know in the conduit of Vesuvius
You were far more unifying than you know
I'm not a judge of suitable
but, you almost had it all.
now you'll have to tell me when
tell me when it's imminent
so you won't have to rise and fall alone
or endure the wonder of survival
the wipe-out loss
the elation of free fall
the rock bottom
the sweet betrayal

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