Train Overnight - Lyrics

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Last played: 2004/10/21 Clifton Park, NY
Debut: 1999/12/29 Toronto, ON
Notes: Played just 3 times since the 2000 'Music @Work Tour'. All 3 were in October 2004.

I loaded the variables like masterpieces
    from under the germ-led advance.
I saw your compass on a sea of frayed cable
    and aspects of vision afloat in a glance.
and outside the train overnight floodlights
    on inexorable sights.

You loaded the variables like acquisitions
    from under the noses entranced
you heard some trumpets you thought were
    turntables and inklings to listen
    dispersed in a glance.
outside the train overnight contrite the
    whistle wails goodnight apologizing like
    an ol' dictator might.

Of course we're now traveling by plane
if it's not a Canada of a pain
we'll entertain the idea of train
outside the train overnight bloodlines
    wheel-burnished in moonlight a great
    candescent white skeleton of flight.

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