Tragically, Signs Must Be Replaced...

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Turns out the city of Kingston forgot there was a 'The' in the band's title. Maybe they took the Grace, too lyric from Saturday Night Live literally, eh?  Anyway, if the city is smart they will take all the misprinted signs and put them up on E-Bay or have some sort of auction. Maybe split the proceeds between a charity and offsetting the costs of the fuck up.

They need some good PR in Kingston as this process has seemed to be a bureaucratic nightmare from where I'm sitting in Las Vegas and I'm sure it's even more-so from up close. Have a look at the reader comments on the original source page (link below) to see what I mean.

If these signs do become available to the general public in some way, I will get the word out to you...

Will these be for sale?

A"clerical error" means the city will likely have to take down and replace the street signs honoring The Tragically Hip, just a day after the signs went up outside the K-Rock Centre.

The Whig has learned that the city has decided to revise the bylaw that currently calls the portion of what was Barrack Street "Tragically Hip Way." The revision will add the word 'The' to the start of the street name, and, therefore, the sign.

Councillors Dorothy Hector and Jim Neill both confirmed that council will be revisiting the issue in a motion tabled by Hector.

The Tragically Hip's manager, Bernie Breen, confirmed via email that he did notify city staff of the omission of the word "the" after it was brought to his attention.

“The band's official name is The Tragically Hip, Breen wrote.

“(It) seems it was a small clerical error and obviously everyone wants to get it right."

City staff noted prior to the signs being made that they would have to have extra signs made, as there would undoubtedly be thefts of the signage. This means all the extra signs will prove useless should the revised bylaw be approved.

Source: Kingston Whig-Standard
Tori Stafford

Here's a more detailed article on the debacle: Missed It By Three Letters

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