It Can't Be Nashville Every Night - Lyrics

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Last played: 2013/02/11 Sudbury, ON
Debut: 2002/07/26 Boston, MA
Notes: lists 1994/10/16 Albuquerque, MN as the song's debut performance, but until I hear a tape of this I'm kind of skeptical. Since IBE's release in 2004, 'It Can't Be Nashville Every Night' has been the most consistently featured song from the album.

He said, 'fuck this' and 'fuck that'
and this guy's the diplomat
stares into the blur of the tuner lights
It can't be Nashville every night

He said, 'we are what we lack'
and this guy's the autodidact
stares into the glare of them TV lights
It can't be Nashville every night

with it's la la oh oh ohs,
whoa-ohs and yeahs.
la las,
whoa-ohs and

He sang, 'I'll die before I quit'
and this guy's the limit
stares into the queer of the firefight
It can't be Nashville every night

with it's la la oh oh ohs
whoa-ohs and yeahs
la las,
whoa-ohs and

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