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Just an FYI for all you Hipheads out there -- Q107 in Toronto is having Tragically Hip Week starting on Monday May 28th. They will be giving away tons of tickets to The Hip's Canada Day show at Burl's Creek Campground in Oro, ON. That's July 1st in case ya didn't know.

There's nothing up on The Mighty Q's website as of yet... as least as far as I can see, but they've been promoting it on the air throughout this past week.

Here's how it's gonna go down: When you hear a Tragically Hip song you go to Q107's website and enter the song's title. Keep doing this for every song you hear because the more times you enter the more chances you have to win. The Grand Prize is 6 VIP tickets to the Canada Day show. Also, on Thursday I believe, they will be giving out tickets every hour from 7am to 10pm.

When more specific details are given out I will update here. Just be ready!

And that brings me to this. Even if you don't live in Toronto, you can still listen to The Q. I live in Las Vegas, NV these days & when I'm out in the backyard or working in the garage I use the Corus app to stream the station. It's a dream. Nothing against the stations here in Las Vegas. There's some great ones to be sure. I'm quite partial to the funk/Motown station, but when it comes to Rock & Roll where else can I get all the classics plus Canadian standards like April Wine, Trooper, Kim Mitchell, Rush, Neil, Joni & The Hip? I can't get all that down here.  Psychedelic Psundays are my fav even tho there's no Hip & for some reason they refuse to play much Grateful Dead. I digress.

So tune in. Why not win & take an epic road-trip? If you live in the States, are a Hip fan but have never seen The Hip perform a Canada Day show then here's a nice opportunity. 

Feel free to send me info on any local Hip contests that are occurring in your area & I'll happily pass them along.

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