National Post Hip Week: Borderline Success

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Here's the latest article from the National Post's 'Tragically Hip Week' series... I hate this subject. It makes no sense & it doesn't matter. The Hip play to the size of crowds in The States that thousands of band would give their left nut to be able to play to...

Borderline Success
Ben Kaplan - National Post

Is there any other band today that screams Canadiana so much as The Tragically Hip? The Kingston-brewed rockers kick off their summer touring season June 28, and to mark the occasion we’re spending this week in Arts & Life looking at all things Hip. Today: Ben Kaplan on why the band never cracked the U.S. market.

Robert Christgau began writing about music for Esquire in 1967. Thanks to his work in Playboy, Village Voice and Rolling Stone, the writer has earned his place among the most esteemed music critics in the world. In 2000, Christgau listened to Music @ Work by The Tragically Hip. He began his critique with two words: “Blame Canada.”

It’s a response not uncommon amongst American rock fans.

“We have pockets in the States where there’s great support, but there’s also an element of ‘every country supports their own,’ ” says The Tragically Hip’s guitarist Rob Baker, adding that the group can tour with an English act such as Stereophonics and swap headlining spots based on which side of the pond they perform.

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