National Post: Tragically Hip Week

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One of Canada's national newspapers is running a series of articles relating to the Hip in some way throughout the week.

Here's links to the first 2...

Rural Alberta Advantage on why ‘These Guys are Living History’

Is there any other band today that screams Canadiana so much as The Tragically Hip? The Kingston-brewed rockers kick off their summer touring season June 28, and to mark the occasion we’re spending this week in Arts & Life looking at all things Hip. Today: Nils Edenloff, lead singer of The Rural Alberta Advantage, on how the Hip influenced a generation of CanCon rockers.

I was in Grade 10 when a friend and I skipped school and headed five hours from Fort McMurray to Edmonton to see The Tragically Hip. I was aware of them, of course. They’re ingrained in the Canadian identity, but it was my first time seeing them live. I thought: this is who I am.

Music had already been such a large part of my life since I was a kid learning piano, but this was different, a turning point. Maybe it had something to do with the band’s command of the audience or the yarns that Gord Downie spins, I don’t know. But, as a kid looking to find who I was, it made an impression. You just reach an age where you don’t want to listen to what your parents listen to or what your friends tell you to listen to — you want something that makes you you.

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A Mighty Stage

After The Tragically Hip play a concert, there’s a tradition they’ve followed since the band became big enough — or perhaps, being honest, old enough — to worry about such things. They don’t disperse and head off separately to their hotel rooms or their families, and they don’t hang out all night with their fans. Instead, they hop on the bus and spend the post-gig rush together privately, as friends.

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