Gord Downie w/The Sadies at Boots & Hearts Festival

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The Boots & Hearts Festival is taking place at Mosport Speedway in Bowmanville, ON from Aug 10-12, 2012. It's being billed as a 'Country Music Festival', but Lionel Richie is playing so...

What Is Boots & Hearts? (From website)
Boots and Hearts is the largest country music festival of its kind ever to be hosted on Canadian soil. Its a three-day celebration of music and art where music lovers of all genres can escape from the rigors of daily life, band together with thousands of other country music fans and experience a once-in-a-lifetime event that they will never forget. With more than 20 bands, ranging from global superstars to emerging artists, Boots and Hearts will offer an eclectic mix of country music styles. And just when other music festivals call it a night, we ramp the party up with nightly after-parties. Work Hard. Play Harder. That’s Boots and Hearts!

In addition to Gord playing with The Sadies on Aug 12, 2012 other artists at the festival include: Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, Carrie Underwood, Alabama, Paul Brandt, Sheryl Crow, Terri Clark, Kevin Costner, etc, etc...

$220 gets you in for the whole weekend. $115 gets you any single day. It's extra for camping (tent). It's extra if you want to camp near your car. It's extra if you want 2 cars near your tent. It's extra if you want a ticket to get a hot shower. Yep. All of that is taxed at 13% as well. I could do some digging around to see what fees will be piled on top of all that, but I don't want to be all Doom & Gloom.

Is there a VIP pass? You fuckin' bet there is! Will it be the debacle that most outdoor Canadian Festival VIP Passes turn out to be? Let's hope so. I hate to see good solid streaks come to an end. VIP packages range between $500 - $900 for the weekend and pretty much ensure that the best sightlines and areas where the bands can feed off the energy of the crowd will be filled with a bunch of LAME-Os. You can use the lower level of the Air Canada Centre during Maple Leaf's games as a reference point if you like.

Anyway, here the link to that Bull-Shit.

They've got a nice website. I'll give 'em that.

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