Red Leaf Project: See The Hip For Free!

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The Tragically Hip are playing a show at Toronto's Sound Academy (Not the greatest venue, I know) and you could get in for free! I'm going to give you the gist of things with the appropriate links for you to see it through as far as you wish.

The date of the concert is September 29, 2012 and as I mentioned, it's in Toronto. The tickets are being given away as a part of the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project. The basics are as follows: Find a park near you, sign-up for the volunteer clean-up, show up and do it. That's it. Did I mention that there's free beer involved and that it's only about 2 hours of work?

Now for some bad news. The lists for workers are full and they are only accepting spots on the waiting list for each park. If you're just hearing of this for the first time here, I'm sorry I didn't get this information out to you sooner. If you knew of this already and were just sitting on your ass about it... tough shit. Ha ha!

But.... from what I hear people drop out of these things all the time. Stuff comes up. And a lot of the time they don't bother to remove themselves from the list. I'm told it is worthwhile to put your name on the waiting list and then show up to your chosen spot regardless. If there are no shows, you will get a spot on the clean-up crew, some beer, some new friends, a sense of satisfaction and of course... A HIP TICKET! In the event that doesn't work out, you can still participate, feel good, build karma, etc, etc....


 Twitter hashtag: #redleafproject

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