Now For Plan A - An Oklahoma View

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Kinda random that the first complete review to come my way is from a music writer in Oklahoma. Maybe the boys need to add a Cowboy Leg to their US Tour, eh? After all Texas has always been very good to them and OKC is right there.

Anyway, here it is...

“At Transformation” is the opening shot that sets things spinning winningly on The Tragically Hip's 13th long-player “Now For Plan A,” with fuzzed-out, twanging and stinging guitars swirling around Gordon Downie's distinctively dramatic warble as he sings of his resolve to be a positive force in a negative world and “not a bullet in the right place.”

Good plan, Gord. But then on the dreamier mid-tempo rocker “About This Map,” he concedes quite emotionally that life doesn't always go according to plan, so tear up that map and let the winds of fortune blow you where they may.

Read the full article by Gene Triplett:

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