The Tragically Hip: An October 28th History

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I'm currently working on a database that will make this type of stuff much easier. Both you and me will be able to log our own stats or look up and analyze venue stats, city stats and calendar stats just to name a few. As a matter of just screwing around, I decided to pull up a Hip History of today: October 28th.

The most recent Oct. 28th Tragically Hip setlist found the boys basking in sunny Southern California which is where I happen to find myself these days. Solona Beach is a beach town (no-shit, right?) just north of San Diego. The Belly-Up is a popular live music venue that holds between 1-2K people and attracts many well known bands all days of the week. The 2009 tour was one of my favorites with 2 set shows and keyboards adding that extra layer of texture.

Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach, CA

Set I: Love Is A First, New Orleans Is Sinking, Twist My Arm, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken, Fireworks, Morning Moon, Courage (For Hugh Maclennan), Coffee Girl, Family Band, At The Hundredth Meridian, The Depression Suite

Set II: Thompson Girl*, The Last Recluse*, Scared*, Springtime In Vienna, Ahead By A Century, Gift Shop, The Last Of The Unplucked Gems, In View, Long Time Running, Queen Of The Furrows, My Music At Work, Blow At High Dough

Encore: Frozen In My Tracks, Little Bones


I like to think that this little run of multi-night shows at small venues in the fall of 2006 inspired what was to come in 2009. The 2006 setlist were pretty sweet as the band was drawing from all eras. Oh, and there was the return of that one song... what's it called?... Oh yeah, Thirty-Eight Years Old. Although it wasn't played this Oct 28th night in Calgary (11/01/2006), fans were treated to a preview of what would become the setlist template for the World Container Tour of 2007.

MacEwan Hall
Calgary, AB

Set I: The Lonely End Of The Rink, New Orleans Is Sinking, In View, Ahead By A Century, The Drop-Off, Use It Up, Nautical Disaster, Luv (Sic), Springtime In Vienna, Fiddler's Green, World Container, My Music At Work, Boots Or Hearts, Fly, The Kids Don't Get It, Wheat Kings, Yer Not The Ocean, Fifty-Mission Cap, Family Band

Encore: Pretend, We'll Go Too, On The Verge


Boot Pub
Whistler, BC

This night features an undocumented setlist which is always a shame. The Hip played 2 shows at this small Whistler venue ahead of the release of 'In Between Evolution'. It has to be assumed that a lot of the material played either ended up on 'In Between Evolution' or was being considered for the album. The album was also recorded at nearby Studio X in Seattle, WA.


Keyboards? Check. Two sets? Check. The 2000 Music @ Work Tour. There were so many songs played on this tour. It was incredible. Sure this setlist features the usual suspects, but a show with Emperor Penguin, Stay, Membership, Greasy Jungle & Lake Fever together. Think you'll see that again?

Paramount Theatre
Denver, CO

Set I: Grace Too, My Music At Work, Membership, Twist My Arm, Fully Completely, Springtime In Vienna, Sherpa, Gift Shop, Puttin' Down, Greasy Jungle, The Completists, Nautical Disaster, Tiger The Lion

Set II: Wheat Kings, Wild Mountain Honey, Boots Or Hearts, Emperor Penguin, Courage (For Hugh Maclennan), Lake Fever, At The Hundredth Meridian, Long Time Running, Poets, Flamenco, Fireworks, Stay, New Orleans Is Sinking, Fire In The Hole

Encore: Ahead By A Century, Blow At High Dough


1995. What The Hip were doing in 1995 was amazing. Their sound was awesome. Powerful. Gord's voice was intact. It was Rock & Roll pure and simple. I love what The Hip have done since 1995 and before for that matter, but I hold 1995 Tragically Hip in fairly high regard. If you haven't ever or it's been a while... Live '95... find it, play it.

Irving Plaza
New York, NY

Set I: Grace Too, Inevitability Of Death, Fully Completely, Gift Shop, The Last Of The Unplucked Gems, At The Hundredth Meridian, Daredevil, Locked In The Trunk Of A Car, Thugs, Sherpa, New Orleans Is Sinking, Springtime In Vienna, Nautical Disaster, Fire In The Hole

Encore I: Pigeon Camera, The Wherewithal

Encore II: Greasy Jungle, Blow At High Dough

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