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Hey Folks,

We've come up with a couple more fun designs that we thought you'd enjoy. Being as that we live in a democracy we are going to let the people decide which one gets released first. The two designs that are under consideration are posted below.

The first option is a take on the old "Keep Calm And Carry On" British propaganda poster that the government had made in 1939 at the onset of WWII. It was designed to help the public cope while dealing with the possibility of a Nazi invasion. This design was never seen by the public during this time however and its copyright is now in the public domain which is why it can be seen all over the place these days in its original form and in variations like the one below.

The second is the name "Cordelia" written in a font that is probably familiar to most.

The voting will take place on our Facebook page and will take place over a 7 day period after which, one shirt will go into pre-order. Everyone who votes, shares and likes on Facebook will be entered into a draw to win a free t-shirt.

Voting will begin on 2013/01/23.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or on FB. All feedback is appreciated. 

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