Happy Birthday Gord! ... and Bob!

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February 6th is Gord Downie's birthday. That's today.

It's also Bob Marley's birthday. It got me thinking about the 4:20 show I attended in Boston back in 2007. This was the 'World Container' tour where the boys were doing a new cover song each night as a part of the encore.

On this particular night The Hip covered Is This Love by Mr. Marley.

The video below is all that I could find of this occurrence and it's not the greatest but, it gets the job done.

I always wonder how much more great music Bob would have created? How many more live concert bootlegs would be circulating? How many time would I have seen him? Would he even still be playing? Thankfully we have been blessed with some serious longevity from The Hip.

I don't know what, if anything, they have planned to celebrate their 30th year together. In the meantime, we can raise a glass to Gord... and Bob too of course!

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