The Hip In Halifax: Good & Bad

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The last time The Tragically Hip were scheduled to visit Halifax things went terribly wrong for their fans. The band had to pull out of the headlining slot of Virginfest, scheduled for 2009/07/04 due to an undisclosed family emergency. The Offspring ended up as the headliners and everyone got their money back. I'm not sure if Virgin was able to sign anybody up for their phones.

East coast Hip fans are usually quite vocal about how they get the short end of the stick a lot with regards to concert tours. I can't really fault them. The logistics of the east coast can be tough for both the band and the fans. I mean, if you live in Saint John, NB or St. John's, NL and they are only scheduled for Halifax, NS & Charlottetown, PEI,ten you have some road trip planning to do if you're serious. I feel for the people of St. John's, NL this tour, but that's another topic for another day.

Halifax. The last time The Hip played Halifax was at the Metro Centre on 2007/09/13 as a part of the World Container tour. It was a fairly straightforward setlist for that tour. Kind of crazy that it's been 6 years, eh? Closer to 5-1/2 really. I hope the place is frenzied. I hope the boys deliver. I really hope they play On The Verge.


18 years ago to the day. Ground Hog Day. Will we see a repeat of a epic performance? This show represents why The Hip became the band they did. If you've never heard it, you need to. It has some glorious moments. I'll let you discover your own but I'll touch on a couple. This is my favorite version of Last Of The Unplucked Gems. It builds real slow out of Greasy Jungle and finishes with Gordie doing Blonde Solid. The other is Opiated. Great version. A little softer than on the album.

Whenever the city of Halifax comes up I think of this show. Hip related or not. I could be talking to my buddy from Halifax and I will inevitably think of this show.

The Live From The Vault series is available from the Gift Shop at I believe they are only available digitally and not as hard copies. These are soundboard recordings so the quality is high. This is essential listening for all Hip fans and especially for you younger lot who weren't attending many shows while you were in grade school or pre-school...


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