We Are Unplugged (2009 Compilation)

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'We Are Unplugged' is a compilation of all the acoustic songs that The Tragically Hip played during their 2009 We Are The Same Tour.  If you remember, they began the 2nd set with 3 acoustic tunes. Some were expected. Others were not. 

Most probably didn't expect songs like Courage, My Music At Work, Greasy Jungle or An Inch An Hour to be slotted in here, yet they turned out to be remarkably effective. A bunch of the songs below have always been calling for this type of format and just fit in seamlessly. 

I know for myself, getting to hear The Bear and Toronto #4 were personal highlights. We get a few deep-cuts in this compilation and that mirrored the entire tour as 2009 saw a lot of us add previously unseen songs to our lifetime tallies beyond the new album of course. 

Disc One
01 Fireworks - 2009/04/27 Kitchener, ON
02 Courage - 2009/09/27 Ottawa, ON
03 Greasy Jungle - 2009/05/02 Montreal, QC
04 Morning Moon - 2009/09/27 Ottawa, ON
05 Bobcaygeon - 2009/05/30 Detroit, MI
06 Boots or Hearts - 2009/09/28 Ottawa, ON
07 Wheat Kings - 2009/06/14 San Francisco, CA
08 The Last Recluse - 2009/12/02 Manchester, UK
09 Lake Fever - 2009/04/29 Kitchener, ON
10 The Rules - 2009/05/19 Toronto, ON
11 An Inch An Hour - 2009/05/14 Toronto, ON

Disc Two
01 Are We Family - 2009/05/01 Montreal, QC
02 Flamenco - 2009/04/28 Kitchener, ON
03 Titanic Terrarium - 2009/05/19 Toronto, ON
04 New Orleans is Beat - 2009/05/01 Montreal, QC
05 Ahead By A Century - 2009/05/19 Toronto, ON
06 Coffee Girl - 2009/06/14 San Francisco, CA
07 Toronto #4 - 2009/05/02 Montreal, QC
08 Thompson Girl - 2009/04/28 Kitchener, ON
09 The Bear - 2009/04/27 Kitchener, ON
10 Fiddler’s Green - 2009/11/30 London, UK
11 Scared - 2009/12/02 Manchester, UK
12 My Music At Work - 2009/04/28 Kitchener, ON

For those confused with Bit Torrents, there's a zip file at the link below. Just click 'We Are Unplugged.zip' to start the download.

Download at: www.thehiptracker.com

Liner Notes:

Media:  2 CD-R
Time: 47:22, 53:00
Source: Various
Lineage: Various Sources > FLAC > WAV > Audacity 1.2.6 (Fades etc) > WAV > TLH > FLAC
Notes: This compilation features a version of every song which was played acoustically that The Tragically Hip played during their 2009 North American/European tours.Compiled by Ben Grubb (Zenith) - December 2009.

Thanks to all the tapers that made this possible: Mark Sloggett (markslog), Adrian Burden (BigA), Chris Kirkpatrick (chrisk), Dave Holmes (Holmes), Ben Grubb (Zenith), Hipman332001, Scott Becker (srb).

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