The Exact Feeling - Lyrics

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Last played: 2009/10/03 Hamilton, ON
Debut: 2009/04/24 Toronto, ON
Notes: Played live just 18 times, all in 2009.

The exact feeling is coming back around
The tiger's wheeling
And covering some ground
I'm up to my torch, I'm up to my tits
Maybe I got no more innarest
In the exact feeling

Is all I ever tried to do
The perimeter, the ceiling
Just to dribble somewhere new
I'd be on my hands, I'd be on my knees
Saying, Hey! Bartender! One more of these
For the exact feeling

The exact feeling
Maybe isn't what I think
Not the singularity
Of a thousand million dreams
Not a prosperity that means
I never have to say a thing
Maybe the exact feeling
Is on the other side of this feeling

I remember stealing - huh - lying begging loneliness
Flying falling kneeling, trying to get em to notice
I'm not being sad, not being dear
I only wanna stay with you right here
In this exact feeling
In your exact feeling
In this exact feeling
In your exact feeling

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