The Tragically Hip Announce Cold Lake, AB Date

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Canada's favourite band may now have scheduled Montreal, but they did schedule Cold Lake, AB!!!

I kid. I kid.

This is a huge event for this area of the country. Cold Lake is a bit north of Edmonton, AB and straddles the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Be aware that if you are going these far away lands that don't usually get this type of event can get a little rowdy if you know what I mean.... I think fights broke out in the stands at the Dawson Creek show a couple of years ago. I imagine many in the crowd will celebrate this event by pounding booze early and often... Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you gotta have a little self respect. Maybe employ a "Wake & Bake" strategy if you're planning on doing the all day debaucle thing, eh?

This show also puts the kibosh on any hopes of additional European tour dates being announced... at least at the back end with the London, ENG show coming just 3 days before this one. I wonder if they will be flying direct from England to Cold Lake?

OK. Tickets go on sale March 15, 2013

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