Tragically Hip DVD - 2013/02/14 Toronto, ON

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A couple of innovative, tech savvy and dedicated Tragically Hip fans have created a 2 camera DVD video of the show from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON on 2013/02/14.

Download the DVD cover HERE.

Notes & Credits:

The Tragically Hip
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, ON

Audio Lineage: ZoomH1 [wav 24/96] -> iZotope RX Advanced [Gain RC +15.73db, LC +13.75db] -> FCPX [aac 16/48] (Scott Becker)

Video Lineage 1: Panasonic HDC-TM700 [1080p60fps] -> HD Writer AE [1080p30fps] -> Toast 10 [Apple ProRes 422] -> FCPX (Scott Becker - 1st Row Floor)

Video Lineage 2: SONY HDR-XR100 [1080p30fps] -> Toast 10 [Apple ProRes 422] -> FCPX (Vic Colville - 6th Row Floor)

Editing: FCPX -> iDVD (Scott Becker)

01. At Transformation
02. Grace, Too
03. New Orleans Is Sinking
04. Escape Is At Hand For the Travelin' Man
05. Man Machine Poem
06. Love Is A First
07. Gift Shop
08. Streets Ahead
09. Ahead By A Century
10. Poets
11. We Want To Be It
12. In View
13. Courage
14. Long Time Running
15. Fully Completely
16. Bobcaygeon
17. Nautical Disaster
18. Blow At High Dough
19. 50 Mission Cap
20. At The 100th Meridian
21. Now For Plan A (w Sarah Harmer)
22. My Music At Work
23. Little Bones

Happy Valentines Day from the Hip in Toronto! This really was a great show, and I'm really pleased with the resulting dvd.

I'm still learning how to make these multi-cams, so any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated....

Enjoy the show,

Scott (srb/srb151)


Torrent download link:

I gathered this information from the Download & Trading Central section over at Hipbase. I encourage you to direct any questions regarding this download in that direction and to follow their Twitter account @hipbase as it now seems to be back in business...

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