Escape Is At Hand - Book Launch Party

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Tragically Hip fan Joshua Kloke has written about his experiences following the band around over the years in the form of a new book entitled "Escape Is At Hand - Tales Of A Boy And A Band".

From Eternal Cavalier Press:

Escape Is At Hand is the memoir of a young man’s twenty-year dedication to being a fan of The Tragically Hip and the world this band showed him. From dropping out of university to follow the band across Europe, to risking his health and sanity to ensure his footing in the front row is secure, Escape Is At Hand is sure to resonate not only with fans of The Tragically Hip, but with any passionate music fan.

There are no books available today dedicated solely to The Tragically Hip. With an extensive and intensely dedicated fanbase, this is the book that fans of one of Canada’s most recognizable musical institutions, The Tragically Hip, have been waiting for.

“Make no mistake, this is not a band biography, though the band plays a very large role in this book. This is a book written from the perspective of the other side of the stage. I wanted to give a voice to every fan that’s ever screamed as loud as they can, and simply had to be at the show.” – Joshua Kloke, author.

The book is now available for purchase through the publisher's website, Eternal Cavalier Press, and can also be purchased in person at the following locations:

Soundscapes - 572 College St., Toronto, ON
Sonic Boom - 201 Augusta Ave. (Kensington) & 782 Bathurst St. (Annex) Toronto, ON
She Said Boom - 372 College St., Toronto, ON
Ordering online give the buyer and option to have the book personalized by the author, so that's something to keep in mind.

The launch party is taking place at Supermarket in Toronto's Kensington Market on June 24, 2013 at 7:30pm. (I know, Toronto gets all the good stuff, right?)

Useful links:
Event Facebook Page
Eternal Cavalier Press FB Page

Listen to the interview Joshua does with @IanGormely on CHRY's The New Wax Show.

Hopefully if you're in Toronto you can make the time on Monday night to head down and support Joshua, have a couple and get your new book signed. Of course if you're like me and live no where close to The Big Smoke, an online purchase from HERE is the way you'll have to go.

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