Hey There Coffee Girl...

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The HipTour Blog is proud to present our latest design offering in the "Fun With Songs" category: Hey There Coffee Girl. I know you know the song and the logo may be familiar to some of you. This design is done in the good-natured spirit of our previous releases for Cordelia, Little Bones, Something On and Pigeon Camera.

As always the t-shirts will be from the same manufacturer 'The Concert Tee' as the feedback I had received has been very positive. All shirts come pre-shrunk so bear that in mind when you order. The sizes are men's Tall, Grande, Venti and Trente. Of course that translates to medium, large, XL & XXL.

I don't normally stock women's sizes, but I may be able to work with you on this first order only. I have no plans to stock women's sizes at this point unless the demand becomes much more significant. These shirts are in 'pre-order' and I will pull the trigger fairly quickly on getting the first batch ordered and in here so that they can be shipped ASAP. Don't hesitate to contact me. I answer everything no matter how big or small and I manage the entire process.

Here's the logo in action on the shirt...

If you like the design any love you could give us on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ would be great... Maybe we can turn some coffee lovers onto the band we all love so much, eh? Cheers!

Place your order HERE.

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