TTH 2013/06/28: Metropool - Hengelo, NL

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The Tragically Hip
Hengelo, Netherlands

Get TTH SetlistArt 2013/06/28 Hengelo, Netherlands

At Transformation, Grace Too, My Music At Work, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken, Love Is A First, Man Machine Poem, Gift Shop, Ahead By A Century, Poets, Long Time Running, In View, We Want To Be It, Fully Completely, Courage, Bobcaygeon, New Orleans Is Sinking

Encore: At The Hundredth Meridian, Streets Ahead, Thugs, Blow At High Dough

Notes: Good Life, Long Time Running & Thugs all made their first appearances of the summer. IAGLIYDW was played for the first time since 2013/02/01 Moncton, NB.

Next show: 2013/06/29 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Previous show: 2013/06/26 Utrecht, Netherlands

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