The Tragically Hip 2015 Fully & Completely Tour Stat Pack

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Here's our first Stat-Pack...

The 2015 'Fully & Completely' tour is underway with shows across the U.S. and Canada. The make-up of these shows (so far) consists of the entire 'Fully Completely' album being sandwiched by two 5 song blocks. 22 songs per show and so far we are through 9 concerts total with 2015/01/24 Boston, MA being the latest.

I won't go too crazy breaking this down since we're so early into proceedings...

51 individual original songs have been played. 12 of those are the songs off of 'Fully Completely' and the remaining 39 are drawn from the rest of the band's catalog. Since the band is playing FC in its entirety at every show, there is no need to go into those numbers. For our purposes today and going forward we will be focusing on the 10 songs at each show not found on FC...

At Transformation and Grace Too are the only songs to be played at every show.

Vapour Trails came out of a 10 hibernation on 2015/01/20 Burlington, VT having last been played on 2004/11/28 Ottawa, ON. That was on the 'In Between Evolution' tour...

No songs have been played from IBE as of yet on this tour... the only album to be shut out, save for The EP (which always gets shut out).

There have been 8 one-timers so far. (See list below)

Total Songs

At Transformation - 9
Grace, Too - 9

In View - 8

My Music At Work - 7

New Orleans Is Sinking - 5
Poets - 5

Blow At High Dough - 4
Man Machine Poem - 4
Nautical Disaster - 4

Ahead By A Century - 3
Bobcaygeon - 3
Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin' Man - 3
Fireworks - 3
Scared - 3
Something On - 3
Twist My Arm - 3

Little Bones - 2
Long Time Running - 2
We Want To Be It - 2

Exact Feeling, The - 1
Fiddler's Green - 1
Flamenco - 1
It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken - 1
Kids Don't Get It, The - 1
So Hard Done By - 1
Three Pistols - 1
Vapour Trails - 1

Songs By Album

Fully Completely - 12
Phantom Power - 6
Road Apples - 5
Day For Night - 4
Now For Plan A - 3
Trouble At The Henhouse - 2
Up To Here - 2
World Container - 2
Music At Work - 1
We Are The Same - 1
In Violet Light - 1
In Between Evolution - 0
The EP - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Sorry for the lack of depth in analysis. Not much to work with so far...

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