2015/02/07: Prospera Place - Kelowna, BC

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The Tragically Hip
Prospera Place
Kelowna, BC

Prospera Place


Grace Too, In View, So Hard Done By, Ahead By A Century, New Orleans Is Sinking

Courage, Looking For A Place To Happen, At The Hundredth Meridian, Pigeon Camera, Lionized, Locked In The Trunk Of A Car, We'll Go Too, Fully Completely, Fifty-Mission Cap, Wheat Kings, The Wherewithal, Eldorado

At Transformation, Man Machine Poem / Vapour Trails, Long Time Running, Fireworks, Nautical Disaster

Setlist via The Hip App

Notes: Not exactly sure how the MMP > Vapour Trails segue went down or if the band played one or the other. I have it written in the setlist exactly how it is on the sheets of paper The Hip use so they don't forget what to play next... I hope to clarify this. Ideally with video : )

Kelowna Now Review - I use the term 'review' very lightly...

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