Le Capitole - Quebec City, PQ 05/04/2009

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The Tragically Hip
Le Capitole
Quebec City, PQ

Set I

The Depression Suite
Emperor Penguin
Gift Shop
In View
The Last Recluse
Pigeon Camera
Ahead By A Century
The Drop Off
Love Is A First

Set II

An Inch An Hour @
Courage @
Scared @
Honey, Please
Grace, Too
Speed River
Yer Not The Ocean
Coffee Girl
New Orleans Is Sinking
Escape Is At Hand For The Travelin’ Man
Now The Struggle Has A Name
My Music At Work

Don’t Wake Daddy
Blow At High Dough

Wow! Some nice tour breakouts here. Emperor Penguin (one of my personal favs), An Inch An Hour, Scared, and The Drop Off. This brings it up to 72 originals played so far. Definitely a treat for long time fans and those of you doing multiple night runs. Cool looking venue too.

This is the first show that Morning Moon has not appeared in. This leaves The Last Recluse as the only song to be played at every show. Country Day is inconspicuous by its relative absence. I think it's a great song and can hold its own closing a set.

@ = Acoustic
Bold = Tour Breakout
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