The Corporate Gig

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The Tragically Hip are playing the ACC in Toronto tomorrow night as part of Good Life Fitness' 30th anniversary promotion. They ran draws and gave tickets out with new membership sign-ups. I have heard that Sarah McLachlan may be on the bill too along with a few others, so it's not strictly the Hip's gig. I would expect from 12-14 songs. Also, I don't believe this is a full arena sized show. It might be just the bowl. Tickets are being sold on Craigslist by a bunch of losers looking to cover their newly contracted gym membership that they won't use. If you are looking to over pay for a short show, by all means, feed the monster. Me, I'll probably go down with a twenty in my pocket and a nice J rolled up and see what happens. Worst case scenario is I'm shut out from seeing a mini Greatest Hits show and I'm down at Harbor Sports Grill watching Game 7*.

Either way, let's hope their health recovers not only for their Corporate Gig, but so they can also meet the expectations of the real paying fans who have had their tickets for months.

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