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© The Tragically Hip

October 92

Dear You;

I know I'm not much at keeping in touch.  That's me in the Everglades, that's a picture of me in the Everglades.  Standing beside me, that's my sister.  I've heard that thanking someone can be spiritual, but I become so quietly eloquent that I can hardly believe it's me.  It's the obscene silence of a broke-down system.  Maybe if I was a barracuda, ya know - a compulsive killer that destroys more than I eat?

I know making love's not priority one in the future-for-you-is-now-or-else-you're-history business.  I understand that there's no sense in searching for perfection when you're making successful mistakes and I know that a slave is not a slave if he's simply satisfied with less.  Ah, but, to know the routine is to know the man, & I'm not much at keeping in touch.  You know, guidance, patience, nutrition, inspiration, employment, instruments, air play, production, hospitality, company, conversation, representation, friendship and the routine.  You even know who you are.  Thank you.  Talk later.

The T. Hip

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