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Last played: 2012/12/15 Las Vegas, NV
Debut: 1992/04/18 Toronto, ON
Album: Fully Completely (1992)
Notes: Almost half of its live appearances (35/73) came during 1998 & 1999 which is interesting since these years were neither part of the Fully Completely tour nor were they 2-set tours with room for extra filler songs. Lionized also showed up in just about 25% of the band's shows in 2006. Played twice on the 39 show 'Now For Plan A Tour'.

Cold wind blowing over your private parts
I know a lack you've got
and it makes a strong case for art.
Billboard breasts, they don't have a face,
I know that fact you've got,
no girl could ever trace. Lionized,
Smoking just a little too violently
I know that fact I've got
and I know it single-mindedly
Stupid, stoned cause and effect
I know a lack you've got
and you don't even lack it yet.
Lionized, lionize

I can't draw, but I can trace
I know a lack I've got,
an abundance of extra space
Cold wind blowing over your private parts
I know a lack you've got is to make a
strong case for art. Lionized, lionize

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